Belles Lettres

“Only write to me, write to me, I love to see the hop and skip and sudden starts of your ink.” -A.S. Byatt Her made me cry. Full-on, nose-running cry. It’s a beautiful film, but deeply sad in the questions that it raises about communication, connection, and the challenge of being in a relationship in […]

Stop to Smell the Pine Trees

Here’s a not-so-secret confession: I love Christmas. Love, love, love it.  I love the schmaltzy decorations, I shamelessly listen to Christmas music all day long starting around December 1, and I get really excited for Christmas day with my family. I love thinking of ways to make people happy, I love seeing Christmas lights on […]

What’s Making Me Happy – December 13

What’s making me happy this week, in addition to the fact that we are now in full-on holiday mode and it is almost socially acceptable for me to be listening to Josh Groban Christmas songs at work, is the inspiration for the “What’s Making Me Happy” segment: NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. This week, […]

Learning the Hard Stuff the Hard Way

“We all have our best guides within us, if only we would listen.” –Jane Austen When people learn that you’re an English major, the first question they tend to ask is “Oh, so you want to be a teacher?” I know that this question is meant well, but it has always driven me crazy and […]